Holi Birman

Holi Birman

Senior Associate


Holi specialises in:

  • Educational training and facilitation on personal and workplace change
  • One-on-one consultations and coaching
  • Individual, interpersonal and organisational socio-dynamic assessments based on social scientific methodologies and methods
  • Workplace solutions to change associated with loss, change and grief
  • Workplace and interpersonal ethics & communication


Holi has worked as a social researcher in the health and education sector making recommendations for organisational change associated with loss, grief and transition. As a health sociologist, she originally worked with patients and volunteers in end-of-life settings to more deeply understand the interpersonal challenges and potentialities that arise at key points of transition in people’s lives. Holi continues to apply rigorous social scientific methods to assess relational dynamics and brings perspective and insight to individuals and leaders in order to support reflection, communication and growth within the workplace.

Holi has provided tailored research, care and leadership to a number of private, public and global not-for-profit organisations including:

The Social Justice Initiative (University of New South Wales)
The Gonski Institute (University of New South Wales)
The Institute for Culture and Society (University of Western Sydney)
HammondCare (NSW)
Mata Amritananda Mayi Math (Sydney Branch-Global Initiative)

Holi teaches, facilitates and consults at the University of New South Wales, working primarily with students from diverse backgrounds who face challenges associated with transitioning into university. She is an accredited Mental Health First Aid Officer. Holi has over ten years of experience as a public speaker and has presented keynotes, talks and Q&As internationally and nationally at conferences, summits and workshops.


Holi Birman (Ph.D) is a social researcher, mentor, speaker and educator with a background in, and curiosity about, relationships. In particular, she specialises in assisting those who are moving into and through change and transition. Drawing on her experience as a social researcher and health sociologist, Holi brings critical insight both to micro and macro relational dynamics across personal and workplace spheres. She has over ten years experience as a tertiary educator in social work, social theory, sociology, anthropology, & media studies, as well as courses designed specifically for students experiencing hardship. This experience has provided her with a deep understanding of the unique vulnerabilities and potential of individuals. She works with openness, care, curiosity, warmth, compassion and humour to facilitate both individual and collective wellbeing, reflection, self-knowledge and development.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Anthropology, First Class Hons.
  • PhD in Social Science
  • Accredited Mental Health First Aid Officer
  • Accredited Yoga Practitioner
  • English as a Second Language Teacher Trainer (TAFE)

Contact Holi Birman on 0400 104 159 or on holi.birman@bravesolutions.com.au