Workplace Training

Workplace Training
Our practical training programs develop capability, are tailored to meet your business needs and focus on supporting good performance.

All workshops include skills practice and commitment to apply new skills and knowledge at work so there is demonstrable improvement in performance as a result oftraining.

Training focuses on the ability to work effectively with the diverse range of people that exist in every organisation. We focus on performance and change to support individuals and teams to make most of their work life and to bring energy and focus to work and to work effectively with others.

The Power of Combining Training and Coaching

Turning training into performance improvement happens when training participants are provided with support and encouragement to implement the skills and knowledge at work. Managers and supervisors support this when they coach participants to apply the skills learned to the workplace. Some key coaching questions for managers to use to gain commitment to apply the learning are:

  • What specifically did you learn at the workshop?
  • What actions do you need to take to apply at work what you learned?
  • How will you know when you have successfully made those changes?
  • How will you hold yourself accountable for making those changes?

We also provide individual and small group coaching to support participants to apply the skills learned at training workshops.

Our most successful and in-demand training program

Coaching Skills for Managers

Aim: To make coaching a consistent part of management practice for all supervisors and managers. Skills include knowing when to coach, knowing how to coach and how to move away from ‘providing the answers’ to building accountability and ownership in coachees. Skills also include how to support individual change and develop an action plan for implementation by the staff member.

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Supporting Performance Improvement

Aim: To deal appropriately and in a timely way with those employees who need support to get on track and stay on track at work. Skills include how to diagnose the underlying performance issues and the appropriate actions for managers and employees to take to support performance improvement.

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Leading People through Change

Aim: This workshop draws on the latest neuroscience research about effectively leading change. David Rock’s SCARF Model involves five domains of human social experience: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness. These domains provide powerful insights for leaders to support and lead change in others and to develop responses and provide support to address our human responses to change. The workshop translates these ideas and other relevant research on resilience to provide practical plans to lead change and support individuals through change transitions.

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Leadership and Management Development

Aim: To build strong leaders and managers who have the depth and breadth of skills to lead now and into the future. Our programs are comprehensive, tailored to meet your business needs and use relevant tools and assessments to support professional and personal growth. Leadership programs are supported by mentoring or coaching.

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Working Effectively in Teams

Aim: To enable managers and team members to use the differing skills and talents of all employees in the team and to create an effective and harmonious team environment. Research suggests that teams comprising members who are different in style and outlook, take longer to come together as a team but are ultimately more effective as they draw on diverse views and options. This workshop enables teams to utilise individual strengths and become more harmonious and effective.

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Facilitation Skills

Aim: To provide participants with the skills and knowledge to get the most out of the groups they are leading to meet an aim or an objective. Facilitation skills are used extensively in most organisations to consult on key issues, lead change and build engagement and ownership for change. Good facilitation skills are an important part of a manager’s leadership toolkit.

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Presentation Skills

Aim: All presenters make a first impression. This workshop provides participants with skills to make a positive first impression, to build credibility with an audience and to gain support for the aim of the presentation. It covers how the participants can use the strong research into influence and leadership presence to get positive results and agreement from their audience.

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