Brave People Solutions

We Create Impressive Teams, Inspiring Leaders and Great People


Every organisation has communication, conflict, conduct or workplace culture challenges.  We solve those challenges and create impressive teams, great people and inspiring leaders. This will improve performance, increase productivity and grow your profit. We work with you to:

  • Resolve difficult and longstanding workplace conflict and conduct issues
  • Develop leaders to effectively manage change, support people and achieve results
  • Transform challenged teams
  • Educate and support individuals, teams and leaders to effectively communicate and resolve conflict
  • Facilitate collaboration, vision and focus for staff, teams and leaders
  • Support staff and leader return to work after stress leave as a result of conflict and conduct issues
  • Address lack of productivity and performance issues
  • Develop business critical skills through workshops
  • Support staff and leaders to manage the impact of change and enhance workplace culture
  • Effectively manage strategic workforce planning and restructure and reform implementation

We do this through coaching, mentoring, conflict resolution, mediation, facilitated meetings, workshops, reviews, investigation and tailored programs.

Our Services

Consulting Services

We support strategic business and workforce development, culture change and performance improvement.


Our practical training programs develop capability, are tailored to meet your business needs and focus ..


Our coaching improves leadership skills, builds confidence and self-awareness, and supports people ..

About Us

We will support you every step of the way


We, at Brave People Solutions, work with you to clarify and identify the key people challenges affecting your organisation and tailor an effective and strategic solution that will make the change that you need. We have unique and complementary skills, knowledge and experience that mean that no problem is too big or too tricky.  In fact, what sets us apart is that we solve the tricky and often longstanding issues that  no one knows how to or wants to fix.

We will support you every step of the way. We know how overwhelming people challenges can be. You might feel that there is no hope or that the issue has gone on too long.  It could be a ‘toxic’ person, a broken team, a leader not leading by example, that you’re losing too many staff or your organisation just hasn’t worked out how to respond to your rapidly expanding business. We help you and we guarantee that with our support you will create the right foundation to build a positive performance culture with happy staff and satisfied customers and clients now and into the future.

We take an environmentally sensitive approach to our work practices

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