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How we assist you

Are you and your organisation prepared for the future? Do your people have the capability to perform well now and to thrive in the challenges ahead? Our services help you build:

  • A clear picture of the future through our strategic workforce planning, support for implementation of restructure and reform and facilitation of business and team planning.
  • Capability for implementation by developing strong people leaders through best practice leadership, manager and team development programs.
  • Strong organisational leaders who constructively lead change, support people and achieve results.
  • Confidence to address and remediate those long-standing difficult workplace issues through mediation, conflict resolution and appropriate performance management.


We support organisational development across strategic workforce planning and reform, leadership and culture change, building a positive workplace culture and workforce development. We have worked extensively with clients to develop capability and capacity in teams and individuals resulting in improved performance and productivity. Our assignments include:

  • Address lack of productivity, failure to adapt to organisational change and long standing conflict within a business critical team.
  • Implement a significant restructure across a branch, maintain service standards and manage significant business risk involved in the reform.
  • Coaching and mentoring for a range of senior managers to support overall performance and to facilitate management of significant underperformance and misconduct issues.
  • Succession and leadership development programs based on best practice and covering; detailed development plans with feedback from manager, mentoring to address development needs, commitment to action plans between mentoring sessions and short group training modules throughout the program to support leadership skill development.
  • Strategic workforce plans to ensure technical capability met for the future.
  • Develop business critical skills including leadership development, effective change leadership, manager as coach, team development, facilitation skills, managing and supporting good performance and having difficult conversations with employees.


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Consulting Service
We support strategic business and workforce development, culture change and performance improvement.
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Workplace Training
Our practical training programs develop capability, are tailored to meet your business needs and focus on supporting good performance.
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Our coaching improves leadership skills, builds confidence and self-awareness, and supports people to achieve their goals.
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Partner, Brave People Solutions

Communications and Interpersonal Skills Development, Mediator and Conflict Resolution Specialist

Tulsi is a lawyer with a psychology, mediation and counselling background. Expertise covers management consulting, facilitation, presenter specialising in conflict resolution, coaching and mentoring, team building, communication skills, building relationships, dealing with difficult behaviours, having crucial conversations and legal issues.

  • Providing organisations with tailored human resources solutions including training in the areas of conflict resolution, communication, building relationships and a range of legal issues
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Leadership and management development including training in coaching and mentoring
  • Performance management and performance improvement.

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Robyn Mercer

Partner, Brave People Solutions


Robyn is a strong people leader with significant expertise across strategic organisation development and people management solutions, including change of leadership, performance improvement, talent management, capability development and executive coaching.

  • Performance improvement and addressing long standing performance challenges
  • Individual and team leadership and performance focused coaching
  • Organisational development and strategy implementation
  • Strategic human resources planning including workforce planning
  • Leadership and management development.

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