7 Tips to Make Change Easier

  1. Advise that change will happen – be honest about what will happen and what the outcome will be.
  2. Indicate the time frame for the change – share management’s expectations about how long it will take to implement the changes with realistic time frames.
  3. Understand how the change will affect your staff – know that staff will be concerned about how the change will affect them. There will be a natural dip in productivity until the change is embraced.
  4. Never call a negative change a positive change – be realistic. Don’t sugar coat it and be honest about what the change is.  Brace them for the change and advise them what they can do to assist and improve the situation.
  5. Understand the change acceptance cycle – Staff will have feelings of loss and doubt, discomfort, discovery, understanding, acceptance and integration. This will take time and each person will accept change differently.
  6. Be patient – change takes time and each person will accept the change on their own time and in their own terms.
  7. Identify the under-miners – there are people whom will not accept change and will make their views known. Respond to their views and outline the choices they have.

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