Will all groups have conflict at some point? Is it useful to ignore it? Is conflict worse if you talk about it?

Have you ever wanted to ignore disagreements, disputes or challenging behaviour and hope it will go away? In a senior leadership team workshop designed to address open dispute and historical tension between the leaders, a participant asked the question: But aren’t you making the situation worse by doing this workshop to bring out all the […]

How much harm does working with difficult people do? Here’s what people had to say. And more from the survey – the 3rd most difficult behaviour.

Why care about the work environment and the impact of difficult behaviour on others? Survey respondents gave distressing feedback on the harm from working with difficult and dangerous people.  There were some sad and even heartbreaking responses to the question about the impact of working with a difficult person.  Here are some of them: I […]

Thank you so much to those who completed the survey about dealing with people who are difficult at work. The top 3 difficult behaviours at work will not surprise any of you.

The survey on difficult behaviour was designed to uncover the most challenging behaviours we deal with at work and uncover how well organisations and leaders deal with this.  We asked the specific question ‘what made people difficult to work with?’ and the top response was moodiness.  No surprise, right? The effect of the moody colleague, […]

It wasn’t acceptable 30 years ago – it was however tolerated. It’s about time we stopped tolerating bad behaviour at work.

We are having an important national discussion about the standards we have for people who are assaulted, demeaned, harassed, bullied or psychologically harmed at work.  A significant part of this current conversation is the outright lack of consequences (or lack of proportional consequences) for people who don’t meet the basic standards of acceptable behaviour and […]

Let’s talk about a tough topic – the impact of trauma on people and what actions all of us can take to be caring and trauma informed

Being trauma informed will help all workplaces. Key points: Trauma is more prevalent than most of us realise Trauma has an impact on all facets of life including work-life There are ways to work with our colleagues and team members that is supportive for people who have been affected by trauma Taking care taken when […]

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