Acknowledging others is vital, simple, quick and powerful!

Meanings of acknowledgement:

  1. acceptance of the truth or existence of something.
  2. recognition of the importance or quality of something.
  3. the expression of gratitude or appreciation for something.
  4. the action of showing that one has noticed someone or something.
  5. a statement printed at the beginning of a book expressing the author’s or publisher’s gratitude to others.

Acknowledgement is important and even more so now as we seek connection to rebuild our work teams and our social connections.  Returning to the office is challenging many people and to smooth the way it is useful to build connection and acknowledge others as part of the integration process.

The most fundamental level of acknowledgement at work is saying hello or goodbye when entering or leaving a team or group.  On a social level it is also valuable to acknowledge people in the park, in the same queue as us or those in the waiting area. A nod or a good morning shows someone they have been seen.

Here is a short list of options for acknowledging team members:

  • Welcome back. It is great to have you back and the things that I have missed most about having you around are….
  • Good morning, how are things with you? (Maintain eye contact and wait for an answer so it isn’t just a standard ‘how are you?’ greeting which we don’t expect to properly answer.)
  • I just want to check in to see how you are feeling today?
  • Let’s make some time to catch-up. I want to know how things have been for you?

Other acknowledgements could include:

  • What I appreciate about you is….
  • I value that you make such a great contribution in….
  • Thanks for doing…, it was useful because…

In our work on building a positive performance culture we say to leaders that acknowledgement is one of the most useful and important actions they can take to contribute to a healthy workplace.  It is a simple action that gives big returns.

When we work with teams that are struggling, we always find that greetings and acknowledgements have stopped.  We know that getting these basic courtesies and acknowledgements back in place is essential for a healthy workplace.

  • Could your team benefit from more effort around courtesies, care and acknowledgement?

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Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

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