Coaching – not a trend, a very powerful technique.

We are continually inspired and heartened by the results our coachees achieve.  Here is an extract from a letter we received recently from a person we coached last year:

 Hi Robyn and Tulsi,

I just thought I would send you a quick email to say thank you for all your guidance while I was at [Client}. I have made the very considered and hard decision to move on from [old organisation] (at least for now).  I have just finished my first week in my new role at [new organisation] and I think that you were both integral in my personal and professional development and this decision making process. One of the biggest things I have had to overcome is my own self doubt, (desperate) fear of recruitment and disbelief in my abilities but I thought I’d let you know – I nailed it.

Thank you for saying lots of encouraging, life affirming things – even if I didn’t believe you at the time. Thank you for helping me find the assertive part of myself – I even negotiated a pay rise! Just thank you.

It is hard to say how good a letter like this makes you feel.  We are both so glad that this talented woman will now have a chance to work in a job she feels great about and will do so in a self-assured way.

As experienced coaches, we use a range of skills and techniques when we work with people to help them to build understanding of their individual motivations and challenges as well as work to understand their thinking, beliefs, attitudes and values that support or inhibit behavioural change.

Most of our coachees know what they should be doing, they just need support and guidance to identify and unravel those internal limitations that stop them making the needed change.

In our recent assignments we have seen significant progress in people being able to take positive and constructive action to:

  • Address and resolve conflict, some of which was long standing and entrenched
  • Speak assertively to address inappropriate behaviour
  • Use our feedback templates to write scripts in preparedness for difficult communication situations and meetings
  • Identify and challenge personal values and beliefs that have limited full leadership effectiveness
  • Build a sense of awareness and perspective on work based interpersonal issues. This has resulted in some people coming to realise the seriousness of the situation and take reparative action.  In other cases, the coachees have seen the situation in a broader context and have finally been able to let hurt go and manage workplace challenges more easily
  • Commit to make personal and professional changes that increase resilience and support wellbeing. This has included recognition that the people, administrative and organisational tasks of leadership are as necessary to complete as the professional and more interesting parts of the job role.

Coaching gives one of the highest returns (performance, confidence and leadership) on development investment.  Please call us on 0423300590 Tulsi or 0408703344 Robyn if you want to talk about how coaching can assist your business.


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