Free one-on-one sessions for Leaders and Managers – how to support staff

In times of crisis and uncertainty, we see that a number of key actions make a difference to well-being and managing the unmanageable.

Support, connection and communication are key.

We see a strong need to ensure that organisations and leaders do the best for themselves and their people especially in this current time,

Unfortunately, some of the simplest and easiest strategies are often not embraced, leaving people feeling abandoned.  This can impact on staff’s mental health and ability to contribute, on productivity and the reputation of the organisation.

In the spirit of wanting to contribute to our community and ensure that businesses provide the best support they can to keep people well and supported, we have introduced 30 minute phone or zoom session for leaders and managers to help you focus on the important key steps to take for yourself and your staff to ensure that support is provided in the most effective way, includes a focus on:

  •  Key tips
  • Vital communication actions
  • Traps to avoid
  • Inspiration for action

Please feel free to share this with your connections.  We welcome the opportunity to provide support in this difficult time. Our work at Brave People Solutions has always been focused on creating strong, positive and effective workplace cultures, staff, teams and leaders.

Please contact Tulsi on 0423 300 590 or or Robyn on 0408 703 344 or

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