It wasn’t acceptable 30 years ago – it was however tolerated. It’s about time we stopped tolerating bad behaviour at work.

We are having an important national discussion about the standards we have for people who are assaulted, demeaned, harassed, bullied or psychologically harmed at work.  A significant part of this current conversation is the outright lack of consequences (or lack of proportional consequences) for people who don’t meet the basic standards of acceptable behaviour and […]

Let’s talk about a tough topic – the impact of trauma on people and what actions all of us can take to be caring and trauma informed

Being trauma informed will help all workplaces. Key points: Trauma is more prevalent than most of us realise Trauma has an impact on all facets of life including work-life There are ways to work with our colleagues and team members that is supportive for people who have been affected by trauma Taking care taken when […]

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